Dismal attendance at ARFA meeting-group ponders next move

About 20 people attended the May 4 meeting of the Arrowhead Region Firefighters’ Association meeting (ARFA) in Hermantown.  The dismal attendance is of great concern to ARFA President Bob Brown of Chisholm.  “We need to take a look at our organization, the meetings and ways to increase participation by the region’s fire departments,” said Brown.  “We have to consider our program presentation and marketing strategies.”  Attendance at the meetings has been dropping steadily over the years.  At one time, as many as 200 came to the quarterly gatherings, which have now been trimmed to two meetings a year.

According to Brown, he and the Executive Board members of ARFA will get together soon to plot out a course of action.  “We are looking for any and all suggestions,” Brown added.  “We are at a low point and we need to look at the future for growth and development.  We need our members to help, otherwise, the organization’s future doesn’t look very good!”

Bob Brown can be reached at (218) 996-1913.

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